The evolution of Sunderland is full steam ahead

£1.5 billion worth of regeneration and development is committed to the city right now

Thriving businesses are leading the city's charge

Innovative companies from a range of sectors are boosting the economy

A cultural renaissance is underway

The city has a spring in its step, with a vibrant cultural scene

Shaping a future-focused city for the next generation

Sunderland is riding the wave of change – a city with vision and ambition

And the buzz is palpable, as momentum builds.

The cityscape is changing. From the redevelopment of the former Vaux site, which will expand the footprint of the city centre, to the regeneration of the stunning Fire Station, which has been reinvented as a cultural hub in the heart of Sunderland, there is a plethora of fantastic new developments that will see the city reimagined and recharged.

We’ve seen the magnificent Tall Ships sail into the port, symbolising the rebirth of Sunderland’s cultural ambitions… They’re now ignited and are gathering pace and we are on track to deliver against the ambitious targets we have set ourselves for the next nine years to 2024 in our 3,6,9 Vision – a blueprint for the city’s economic and cultural development.

At the forefront of this positive change is Sunderland Business Partnership, which is driving the city’s rebirth alongside our partners in the public sector, who are equally committed to ensuring Sunderland is a great place to live, work, study and visit. We want to harness this positive momentum and change perceptions of the city for the better…

…and you can be part of it, developing the vision for Sunderland and taking it forward.

Sunderland Business Partnership was founded by some of the leading businesses and organisations in Sunderland with the aim of unlocking the vast potential that exists in the city and proactively tackling some of the challenges facing the city. Much has been achieved, but much remains to be done.

Together we have successfully created a Business Improvement District for the city centre, operational since April 2014. We have played a leading role in helping to develop the Sunderland Enterprise Growth Hub, Hope Street Xchange, and we have created this partnership scheme – already boasting more than 50 partners – who share a passion to celebrate and promote the things which can inspire our city to become a vibrant place in which to live, work, study and enjoy.

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