The Hanro Group

The Hanro Group is a substantial organisation which is privately owned and based in Newcastle upon Tyne, founded in 1921.

Throughout the growth of the Company a property asset base was created. Throughout the 1990s this was added to with the acquisition of development opportunities, both on a speculative basis and pre-let, and through the purchase of investment property.

The core business of the Group is property investment and development. The investment portfolio currently has a value in the order of £150 million. In addition the development stock accounts for a further £100 million.

The in-house management team has a wide range of experience throughout the finance and commercial property markets. This, together with the local and regional market knowledge and proven track record, place the Company in a strong position to succeed in its intended strategy. This is to continue the growth of the property portfolio through selective investment and development throughout the North of England.

The Hanro Group has a long term commitment to the property sector and the North of England.