A creative company which helps educate children with its geography themed gift packs has won the MadeForMums gold award for best subscription box/service.

Geo Journey managed to beat off top competition from the likes of Bookabees and BKD, who picked up the silver and bronze awards, respectively.

The award-winning firm is run by two sisters: Christina Armstrong, who started the business, and Fiona Waistell, who was recently recruited to help market the business.

Based at the North East Business and Innovation Centre (BIC) in Sunderland, Geo Journey offer a subscription-based service for children aged four to 10 with educational gift packs – starting off with an adventure kit containing a journal, passport, souvenir, map and stickers.

Children then receive monthly post from a cartoon owl called Geo and a puppy named Atlas who teach them about the world’s most interesting countries and cities.

And the MadeForMums website – which is the UK’s largest parenting review website of its kind – highlighted Geo Journey in its mission to reward companies for having the best products, brands and services for children and parents.

Speaking about the firm’s major achievement, Christina explained: “I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the email and it said we had won gold.

“We’ve worked really hard on making our products the best they can be so to have this recognition is brilliant.

“The fact that our subscriptions have been tested by industry experts, mums and of course the children themselves makes the win even more special.

“Our main focus has always been to make the children happy to receive the fun mail from Geo and Atlas and to get parents involved and excited about our product too.”

The award win is part of a double celebration for the business after they recently expanded to the BIC.

Due to prior successes – including securing a large volume of sales from clients in Saudi Arabia – the firm needed to leave their home office due to increased levels of stock.

Needing a larger space to house it all, the firm joined the BIC and have now outlined plans to explore new markets – including the education sector.

Christina added: “Continued business growth meant it was essential to relocate from our home office into a larger and more accessible space.

“And with sales going so well we can now afford to spend some time working with local schools to develop the product.

“Children would love to see a life-sized Geo and Atlas in their school teaching them about the world’s most interesting places.

“We want to use this award as a stepping stone to build our brand further and grow our business even more.”