A brand-new ladies networking group has held its first event in Sunderland this week.

With Q1 now underway, it’s time to press pause and reflect – before things only get busier.

Employee wellbeing and a productive mindset are two key factors that can feel the strain when workloads inevitably increase as 2024 revs into gear.

That’s where an ‘Activated Mindset’ session steps in, helping businesses support their employees to help align with those big new year business ambitions.

Introducing a brand-new ladies networking event in Sunderland, combining practical tips from a live masterclass with Unbreakable Mindset Method® Coach Jude Daunt, Wellbeing Guest Speakers and demos, alongside informal networking with the opportunity to make valuable new connections in the North East.

If you’re a business based in the North East already feeling your own motivation wane, attending an ‘Activated Mindset’ session could help pave over any obstacles that have already surfaced in 2024.

“Employees at all levels, not just board level, face fears and anxieties, creating mental blocks that hinder creativity and growth,” Activated Mindset co-founder Julie Turnbull explained.

Rallied together by Sunderland PR agency founder Claire Pickersgill, local business women gathered at Roker’s Coast Bar on Wednesday for a January Reboot, with all event funds heading to the Dragonfly Cancer Trust.

Claire Pickersgill, Founder of House of Hype & Co, said: “Working together with Julie to bring this event to life, this evening embodies the power of conversations and building relations.

“The business community in the North East is exceptionally welcoming and intertwined and we wanted to create a supportive platform for business leaders to take a moment to focus on their mindset and wellbeing.

“2023 was a busy and turbulent time for many businesses, and the January reboot after a very long month is the perfect tonic to focus on 2024.

“We hear a lot of hype around wellbeing and mindset, but they really are key factors to support productivity and growth.”

Attendees included representatives from Sunderland Empire, Sunderland University, Northern Spire, Oculus HR, Sarah McKenna HR Recruitment, The Foundation of Light, Pure Bliss, Lloyds Bank, Tailored Leisure Company and McNally and Thompson.

Speaking on the evening on behalf of Activated Mindset, Jude Daunt gave tips and tricks to help motivate attendees feeling the January slump.

As Jude explained on the night: “Remembering January the 1st or even around that time. How excited did you feel? Where do you feel you are now? What do you think that you’re doing that’s causing that drop either in your productivity, or your mood or your mindset?

“Have that little marker in the sand to say do you know what, I need a reset. Something needs to change.

“What are my habits and actions? Think about where you know you’re sabotaging yourself. Start to unpick that and be really vulnerable with yourself. Have that mental check-in.”

Tara Mackings, from Tailored Leisure, who had already tried some life coaching, said: “My key takeaway from this evening is to write more effective to-do lists, definitely continue working on myself and not self-sabotaging – and potentially continue on the life coaching journey. Hearing from Jude tonight, I want to do more work on that. It just excites me!

“I know that I am doing things that are impacting both my personal and professional life and if I want to get my business where I want it to be, I do need to look at myself and invest that time to work on myself.”

Louise Kennedy, from Sunderland-based Oculus HR, has previously worked with Jude, she said: “I’m really interested in the mindset, what we do, how we react and how we respond to things.

“Mindset has such an important part to play in business, to be able to get into the right mindset to be able to put the business, me, and the family all together and work. I’m a big supporter of the mindset element.”

Julie Turnbull, Co-Founder of Activated Mindset, said: “Raising awareness of mindset well-being is crucial in the corporate world and we are privileged to have so many powerful business ladies here tonight to share some of our tools with.”

“As we explored during this January Reboot Session, we champion coaching for success at Activated Mindset Online. With targeted support, we boost confidence and empower every individual to take control and rewrite their own success story.

“We believe in reaching every level, ensuring that each person in the corporate landscape thrives mentally and professionally.”

To find out more: https://activatedmindset.co.uk/