Sunderland-based Oculus HR have recently launched their HR Masterclasses concept, which has gone from strength to strength in recent months.

The bitesize HR Masterclasses are tailored to support employees in the workplace and enhance and improve the day-to-day skills necessary to help businesses and employees reach their goals.

Topics include Motivating for Performance, Equality and Diversity, Managing Conflict and Difficult Conversations and Emotional Intelligence and Self Awareness.

Louise Kennedy, Managing Director at Oculus HR said: “We are delighted with the response to our HR Masterclasses, we are committed to making our training courses easier, enjoyable, and more effective by tailoring our training to suit specific business and individual needs.

“We’ve seen demand come from businesses across the UK and we are dedicated to ensuring we develop skills which will make a lasting impact, whilst also boosting confidence and broadening career prospects to allow employees to succeed in their roles.”

Each topic is aligned to the business’s goals to reach critical objectives and are ideal to support employees in new roles, alongside those who may need to top up or refresh their knowledge.

A host of businesses including Alliance Flooring and Distribution, Building Design Northern (BDN) and Ashford are reaping the benefits of the bespoke HR Masterclasses.

Oculus HR have been on hand to support Alliance Flooring and Distribution with training sessions around disciplinaries, absences and grievances.

BDN, the team behind the visionary Sheepfolds development, have received sessions around performance management, and how the concept fits together with companies values and culture.

Ashford, who are the UK’s largest Orthodontic Laboratory, recently engaged the services of Oculus HR to deliver the informative HR Masterclasses sessions to Managers and Team Leaders.

Ashford has recently celebrated its 20th year of continuous growth since its inception in 2001 and the team puts this success down to strong strategic planning, robust structure, and clear foresight for the future, as well as a totally committed and loyal workforce and management team.

Craig Stevens, Director at Ashford said: “Our business is growing, and we have been putting in place the infrastructure to enable us to grow quickly and safely.

“Part of this was engaging Oculus to provide some informative masterclass sessions to Managers and Team Leaders.

“A series of 6 sessions beginning with emotional intelligence and running through treating staff well and fairly, including the things to do to intercept unacceptable behaviours, and how to deal with such events has set up the team to recognise their responsibilities and given them confidence in the ways of dealing with people, where previously they were uncertain at best.”

“Our benefit as a business is better leadership and direction, clarity of performance expectations and acceptable behaviours and how to deal with issues should they arise, reducing our exposure to under performance and generally having a clearer direction and happier staff.”

Founded eight years ago by Managing Director Louise Kennedy, Oculus HR are committed to creating value to businesses, in particular SMEs to invest and develop their HR strategy.

The team at Oculus HR have gone from strength to strength with their tailored HR support services seeing an increase in monthly retainers by nearly 40% and geographical client expansion across the UK, including Liverpool and Cornwall.

Louise added: “Our training delivers so much more than just knowledge sharing, through our courses we encourage open communication in the workplace which in turn can increase employee engagement.

“All of our HR related training ensure employment law compliance as well as introducing best practice methods.

“It has been great to work across so many different industries and deliver our HR Masterclasses on a bespoke basis to benefit the topical needs of each business.”

With Louise’s background in the automotive and manufacturing sectors, Oculus HR has established an international business reputation working with clients such as Foundation of Light, NBT Group, Aphrodite, Pub Culture, Sunderland GP practices to name but a few.

To find out more about HR Masterclasses contact the team at Oculus HR at or visit