Armed Forces Day is an opportunity to recognise the outstanding contribution made by our servicemen and women in defending the nation and helping in times of need.

In a new video, University of Sunderland Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Sir David Bell talks about how the University is playing a key role is helping and supporting veterans into a new career once they have left the Forces.

Sir David said: “As a University, we are delighted to offer our support, not least because we are an institution deeply and profoundly engaged with the armed forces and, indeed, the veterans’ community too.

“In 2018, this University signed the Armed Forces Covenant – a promise to ensure that those who serve, or who have served, in the armed forces, and their families, are treated fairly.

“A mere two years later in 2020, the University was named as one of 127 new organisations to be judged the most supportive for Britain’s armed forces.

“In fact, we are now one of 353 organisations, including only nine universities, to have met the required gold standard.

“As a University, we try and play our part too, by offering students in our Faculty of Health Sciences and Wellbeing the opportunity to train alongside military personnel, through supporting the Officer Training Corps in the region, to providing additional time for members of staff to serve in the reserve forces.

“We also recognise that, each year, armed forces personnel return home to the region and become veterans.

“For many, this transition into civilian life is not without its challenges. And in uncertain times like today, such a change can often seem more daunting than ever.”

On Saturday we will be working with Universities UK as part of their Getting Results campaign, to highlight the partnership between the University and the armed forces – a partnership here at Sunderland that grows with every day that passes.

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